The Creekside Conservancy is a land conservation and environmental education outreach organization based in the headwaters of Scatter Creek in the Chehalis Watershed of Western Washington State.  It is also a group of dedicated individuals committed to enhancing the environmental health of our region and the world.  Using grant funds and private donations we strive to protect ecologically valuable land; provide educational outreach for school districts in the area in the form of lectures and field trips; and provide free environmental permitting consultation.


Creekside Conservancy was created in 1995 (originally known as the Heernett Environmental Foundation), born out of a true love for Western Washington wilderness and the Scatter Creek area and through generous land and monetary donations from the co-founders, Gabriele N. Heertje and Manfred Nettek.  Since then, Creekside’s influence has spread throughout the Chehalis Basin Watershed thanks to the dedication and hard work of Executive Director, Chanele Holbrook Shaw.

Today Creekside balances its time between land acquisition projects that expand existing habitat and wildlife corridors in the Chehalis Basin, educational outreach in various area school districts, habitat restoration, land use permitting assistance to local land owners and the continued wise use of its timber resources.

Mills Property 1

Many of Creekside Conservancy’s network of properties are accessible to the public for restoration demonstrations, school field trips, bird and wildlife viewing, and volunteer work.  See our services page for more information or contact Creekside to schedule an event, guided tour, and/or to discuss use conditions. Currently, permission is required to utilize Creekside’s resources.  

Your generous donation are the means that allow us to provide all of these great services.  Please show your support for our invaluable contribution to Scatter Creek, the Chehalis Basin, Washington State, and the World.

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