About the Creekside Conservancy

Our Mission: 
To protect native wildlife, plants, habitat and critical areas throughout the Chehalis River Basin and the Pacific Northwest.  Through promoting wise land use, mitigation and education, we cultivate long-term sustainable relationships between native plants, wildlife and humans.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”  ~ John Muir

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Ghandi

The strategic locations of Creekside Conservancy’s properties throughout the Scatter Creek watershed provide critical protection for variety of aquatic & terrestrial wildlife .  These networks of undeveloped land support functioning ecosystems, provide habitat and migration corridors for local wildlife – keeping wildlife, landowners, citizens,  safe and thriving.  By protecting large sections of  the Scatter Creek watershed, Creekside Conservancy  provides long-term sustainability for  various prairie, oak woodlands, forest, and wetland ecosystems .

Creekside Conservancy, part of the Heernett Environmental Foundation Quick Facts:

  • The Heernett Environmental Foundation changed the name of its Washington State  operation to Creekside Conservancy in 2012
  • The name Heernett  is a combination of our founders last names – Heertje & Nettek = Heernett
  • We maintain approximately 1,000+ acre wildlife and critical areas located in the Scatter Creek watershed, with our headquarters near the City Tenino, WA
  • We’ve are a state recognized preserve since 1996
  • Our two primary objectives are to “Protect and Conserve” & “Outreach and Education”
  • Our goal is to continue our efforts with additional Land Acquisitions protecting our natural resources, further our “Outdoor Classroom” connection with Youth Education, and participate in ongoing environmental/water issues throughout the Chehalis Basin
  • We are successful with  many different types of Wildlife Habitat Restorations and Enhancements
  • We’ve completed over 1.5 miles of in-stream and riparian habitat restoration
  • We’ve replaced 6 failing culverts with new bridges or functioning culverts in the headwaters of Scatter Creek
  • We’ve planted over 10,000 trees in new riparian areas throughout Scatter Creek and the Chehalis River Basin
  • We work with Public and Private School institutions throughout the Chehalis Basin, grades k to 12 as well as local colleges
  • We have strong working relationships with Federal, State, Local, and Tribal governments
  • We maintain collaborative relationships with numerous other Non-profit Organizations throughout the Chehalis Basin and beyond, including; The Nature Conservancy, the Center for Natural Lands Management, Capital-Land Trust, Chehalis River Basin Land Trust, Chehais Basin Partnership, and the Chehalis River Council
  • We provide an environmental/citizen voice through our ongoing participation in the Chehalis Basin Partnership, aiding in the development and creation of the Chehalis Basin Watershed Management Plan
  • One of our main goals is to continue Acquiring sensitive lands for long-term protection throughout the Scatter Creek watershed and the Chehalis Basin.
  • We are currently in the process of trying to acquire several important additional properties
  • Click here to find out how you can help us achieve our goals to the benefit of all. Together we are capable of great things.

Creekside Conservancy and Heernett Environmental Foundation Awards

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