You Time Is A Valuable Donation!

:: Volunteer ::

We have all sorts of volunteer opportunities:
Volunteers can help with field work, workshops and events, donation materials, skills, etc.

With this membership you will receive:

1. A Heernett Foundation membership card- show this card at participating local businesses and receive discounts on your purchases.

2. Our gratitude and the peace of mind that you are contributing to the preservation and protection of some of Tenino’s crucial natural areas, the Scatter Creek watershed, the well-being of the Chehalis River Basin, our local salmon & wildlife populations, and a bio-diverse community.

Additional Items on Creekside’s Wish List:
Grant seekers and writers
Office chair
Volunteers for community events
Volunteers for storm clean up
Giant bag of money
Site/property clean-up

::Whenever Possible, There Are Some Things That We All Must Do::

Living in such a fragile environment with water all around us there are many ways we can all pitch in to help protect and sustain the ecosystem for generations to come.  Teaching our children how to be environmentally friendly will help provide a solid foundation in which we will all benefit.  Every living organism on the planet depends on each other to have a healthy life, including humans!  These are some handy tips to how we can make a difference at home:

  • Use environmentally friendly soaps or diluted portions
  • Wash your car on the lawn vs. letting the water and detergents run on to the street and right into the water system
  • Use little or no fertilizers or chemicals on your lawn or garden
  • Landscape with native plants.  They do not need any maintenance, fertilizers or chemicals and are friendly to wildlife
  • Keep pets and livestock out of and away from the stream systems.  Fecal bacteria is the number one pollutant in Washington water systems
  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Purchase recycled products and products with the least amount of packaging
  • Do not dump anything into the stream systems or in drainage ditches, such as lawn clippings, motor oil, food or waste
  • Keep as many trees and shade plants on your property as possible.  Evaporation and stream temperature are very important to aquatic organisms.

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