Internships and Research Opportunities

Creekside Conservancy is always looking for interns and researchers willing to work in exchange for school credit.  We are also open to allowing the use of our managed resources for independent research.  Here are some of our needs/ideas or your can present us with a proposal…

Native plant community ID
Soil surveys
Wildlife community ID
Stream surveys
Stream enhancement planning
riparian planning
Riparian planting
Wetland plant community ID
Native plant salvage and planting
Sapling mortality
Species inventory
Invasive plant removal

GIS mapping:
Foundation boundaries
Steam systems
Native plant communities
Soil layers
Wildlife communities
Timber harvested in surrounding properties
Point and non point pollutions identifiers
Sediment contributors
Historical floodplains and wetlands
Historical landmarks
Regional tribal identifiers

Outreach and Education:
Designing and developing brochures
Writing monthly newsletters
Developing elementary workshops
Developing youth environmental programs

Designing educational center

Develop Your Own Internship Program:
We can help you get real world field experience!



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