Cozy Valley Pond

Project Description: – This pond is located at the end of Cozy Valley and is part of the Scatter Creek headwater system. The pond had no real diversity within the pond and no riparian zone around it for shade and temperature control.

The plan is to have the pond assessed and engineered to have large pieces of wood and river rock placed in and around the pond to crate habitat for aquatic wildlife. Then plant several hundred native trees and shrubs around the pond to create a riparian zone for shade, temperature control, and wildlife habitat.

Historically and Currently both juvenile Coho and Cutthroat salmonids use this pond for rearing, as well as local beaver, Blue Heron, salamanders, frogs, Black tailed deer, Roosevelt Elk, and lots of migratory birds.

Completion date: Spring 2004
Watershed: Chehalis River Basin      Sub-basin: Scatter Creek      Tributary:
Habitat type:
Wildlife usages:

Project Milestones:

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