Mill Creek Bridge

Project Description: – The Mill Creek is a tributary of Scatter Creek, which runs through our property near the Mill Pond. This creek has three old concrete culverts under a railroad track, which runs parallel to our property. One of the three culverts is completely blocked by debris and sediment, the other two are ½ blocked with debris and have a large 4’ foot plunge pool at the outfall of the culverts. This plunge pool is too tall for fish to pass through and this causes a significant barrier.

Heernett has been working with the Thurston County Park and Recreation Department for several years trying to address this situation. In 2003 Park and Rec., wrote and received funding through a grant with our support. Because of our cooperation and collaboration this project will move forward and the culverts will be replaced with a bridge.
A bridge will significantly improve mobility throughout the stream system for all aquatic wildlife. They will replace the culverts while transforming the old railroad tracks into the Yelm to Tenino “Rails to Trails” program.

Additionally, Heernett and Parks and Rec. also plan to incorporate signs along the path, which talk about native plants, the environmental importance of our native ecosystem and other historical facts.

Completion date: Spring 2005
Watershed: Chehalis River Basin     Sub-basin: Scatter Creek     Tributary: Mill Creek
Habitat type:
Wildlife usages:

Project Milestones:


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