Mill Creek Culverts

Project Description: – The current 24-inch culvert is undersized for the stream bank-full width. The Mill Creek stream system is currently and has historically been used by both adult and juvenile Coho and Cutthroat salmonids. The stream/riparian habitat is fairly good condition. Upgrading the culvert size to a 10-foot squash will enhance the mobility throughout the stream system for all aquatic species as well as large debris.

A new 10 foot squash culvert has replaced the old failing culvert under our maintenance road. This amazing culvert is so big you can walk through it!! It is truly a marvel to see how this correction has allowed this premium salmonid habitat to rejuvenate it’s self. The mobility of debris, high flows, and aquatic wildlife has improved immensely. We have witnessed adult salmon moving freely through this reach of Mill Creek that had been extremely difficult in years past.

Completion date: October 1998
Watershed: Chehalis River Basin     Sub-basin: Scatter Creek     Tributary: Mill Creek
Habitat type:
Wildlife usages:

Project Milestones:

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